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Annaliza | Tacoma

Updated: Jul 1, 2018


There are no words for how much I absolutely adore this sweet girl. Anna, you are have the biggest heart and radiate beauty in every room you walk into. Of course, I can't forget about your incredibly stylish outfits. I'm always in awe that you constantly look put together even when you didn't try! You're just blessed with good genes from your momma. ;)

Speaking of your momma- she does THE BEST lash extensions and hair. I've been going to here for about a year now and know that I won't go anywhere else. When you find a person you can trust to color your hair and not damage it you hit the jackpot. So, if y'all are ever in need of a girl- I got you.

I am so excited for our upcoming photoshoots, Anna. Until then heres some of my favorite photos of your pretty face!


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