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Maren | Browns Point Lighthouse

Updated: Jan 30, 2020


This girl- is no joke a model. I'm pretty sure that is what I continually stated throughout our entire shoot. She's blessed to know exactly how to pose the entire time and with the wind blowing the it shouldn't she still looks completely flawless!

Who would have thought that Washington would have a day where we were trying to hide from the sun? We planned on a sunset photo session, checked the weather forecast which planned for overcast-which was perfect...then what do ya know, its the sunniest day yet! We got some beautiful shots with the sunset over near the ocean, got sand in our shoes, and fought off pesky gnats. Maren is such a trouper, the most wonderful model and was up for everything I had in mind.

It was such a great time catching up with this beauty and her sweet parents who joined us for our shoot! They had some of the best photobombs I've taken yet. So excited to see what this girl is going to accomplish- nothing but big things ahead! CONGRATS!


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