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Spokesmodels 2020 Meet & Greet

Updated: Apr 19, 2019


On Saturday, I got to meet all of the incredible girls that make up my 2020 spokesmodel team!!! This is my first year, I chose high school juniors that will represent AGP for their entire senior year! These girls are chosen through an application process, where they list their school and community involvement, personality + social media presence, and overall excitement for their senior year. Every single one of these girls blew me away with their applications! These girls are so loving, so kind, and so truly thoughtful!!

This year, I hosted a Meet + Greet where I got to bring all of these girls together and play games, eat pizza, take some pictures, and each girl got to pick out their own cupcake from Hello Cupcake in downtown Tacoma! It was so fun to watch these girls from all different schools, friend groups, and personalities meet + become friends almost instantly!


Scroll through to meet each one of my incredible 2020 Spokesmodels + to see how much fun was had at my first Meet + Greet!


I instantly knew this year was going to be INCREDIBLE when I walked back to into our room at Zeeks Pizza and the girls were whispering together and giggling while writing the sweetest letter on our take-out pizza box.




And, of course, here is some of the fun that we had at Hello Cupcake!!

Aren't they beautiful!?!


Makaela, Haley, Kalista, Kelly, Lindsey, Kennedy, Courtney...... I love and adore you all! I can't wait for all of the fun and exciting adventures to come! <3


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