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Anna & Caleb | Glass Museum

Updated: Jul 1, 2018


Just getting home from photos with the most adorable couple. Put on my fuzzy pajamas, turned on an acoustic Spotify playlist, and started editing. I must say I haven't laughed as hard as I have today with Anna and her entourage-- Michelle (Annas momma, one of the seven groupies) and I covered just about every Pinterest idea. Then laughed almost to tears from making silly shouts/snort/weird alien sound effects while taking photos. We managed to find some beautiful places hiding away from the hot sun and harsh lighting and I'm completely in love with each one of them.

When Caleb first saw Anna, I was almost brought to tears from his reaction, he was completely speechless and in total awe. It was straight out of a movie scene. So cute! Just look at them and you'll see just how adorable they are together... so comfortable with each other and in front the camera! My heart just melts.

Can I also just say how PERFECT her hair is?! I truthfully didn't know it was actually possible to have your hair stay exactly the way you wanted it to until today. So if y'all need your hair done, her momma knows what she's doing, call her. Not kidding- she's the best hair stylist/lash girl/makeup beautician around, plus she's absolutely hilarious (spend 2 minutes with her and you'll agree).

Love, love, love you guys. Thank you so much for having me take your prom photos, I hope you had the most wonderful time. So, until our next shoot, heres some photos to swoon over. #hearteyes


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