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Brynlee & Devin | Tehaleh

Updated: Feb 16, 2020


BRYNLEE AND DEVIN. They’re every bit as perfect and in love and full of genuine joy as it seems. Their love for Christ and their ability to celebrate, support, and care for each other as well as anyone and everyone (!) around them is an example to me and just really the kind of people you wanna spend your time around. Doubling as their friend/wedding photographer this April is already ranking as one of the highlights of my year!!!

Bryn, you are actually radiant and seeing you so happy/right in the center of the Lord’s will for your life (talking about you, Devin) quite literally fills my heart up. Getting to be a part of this process/have a behind the scenes pass to the greatest moments on this best day in store is such an honor. Can’t be said enough.

My only question… is it April 11th yet???!?!?!?!


Aren'y they the cutest!!!


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